Risk To Remediation: crcCARE Autumn School 2024: 13-17 May 2024 at Newcastle

When and where:

13-17 May 2024 at Newcastle  

This 5 day course on Contaminated Site Assessment, Management, and Communication is developed for early career professionals* who manage, regulate, investigate, and remediate contaminated sites. and will focus on govt policy and contaminants, Site Characterization, Risk assessment and Remediation followed by case studies, site tour, evening sessions such as movie night – a guided movie on the contaminated land sector, equipment display with a poster session and software tools etc.

(*) up to 8 years of experience, however, it is open for everyone who would like to brush up their knowledge.

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Please refer queries to Ratin Mathur Ratin.Mathur@crccare.com

Ratin Mathur 
Industry Training Manager crcCARE