The benefits of joining an ACLCA Sub Committee include:

  • Contribute to improved industry performance
  • A great way to develop your career, industry profile and professional network
  • Contribute to your Company’s industry profile
  • Enhance your technical knowledge, confidence amongst peers and connection to key industry stakeholders
  • Gain CPD recognition

How to get involved?

To express your interest in being part of an ACLCA QLD Sub Committee, please email

Auditor Sub Committee

ACLCA Qld Auditor Sub Committee provide a forum to enhance the contamination assessment and management process in QLD, promote best practice, provide leadership to Qld ACLCA members and support Executive Committee in liaison with DES and other stakeholders as required to achieve these goals.

ACLCA Qld Technical Practice Guidelines (TPGs) have been prepared by the ASc for ACLCA members. Please refer to the resources section to access TPGs. RESOURCES QLD | ACLCA

ASc Members (2020-23)

  • Christian Atkinson- Grounded Environmental,
  • Mark Stuckey-Environmental Earth Sciences,
  • Trevor Lloyd- Lloyd Consulting Environmental Services,
  • Marc Salmon- Easterly Point Environmental,
  • Brad May- Epic Environmental,
  • Louise Cartwight - Epic Environmental.
  • Cameron Kay - Core Consultants, ACLCA Executive Committee / interim chair


Continuing Professional Development Sub Committee (CPDSc) has been established to support ACLCA CLM Professionals with 8+ year CLM industry experience in applying for industry accreditations and implement strategies for Continuing Professional Development.

CPDSc to focus on strategies to support consultants who want to move to CEnvP Site Contamination (SC) and CPSS and CSAM.

  • Oversee Mentoring Program
  • Identify training gaps and implement relevant and tailored training sessions
  • Develop and implement advanced training for those nearing industry certifications.
  • Assisting in planning for industry relevant short courses, workshops and member presentations
  • Reviewing and improving CPD Module Series by: providing input on the introduction of new modules, conducting ongoing reviews of Module Series resources,
    and collating module series participant evaluation forms to assist in evaluating for improvements

The CPDSc meet monthly, regularly communicating outcomes of planned activities with members.

CPDSc 2023-2024

  • The CPDSc is represented by Georgina Kerr (Chair, Aurecon), Mark Stuckey (Environmental Earth Sciences), Carina Jakobi (AECOM), Mitchell Delaney (JK Environ Group), Ned Connolly (SLR Consulting), Supriya Lath (AECOM) and Ryan Stewart (Aurecon)



2023-2024 Co Chairs- Zoe Baxter (GHD) & Andrew Hughes (Epic Environmental)

ACLCA Early Career Professionals are encouraged to actively participate in the ECPSc.

The ECPSc consists of two Co-chairs and an unlimited number of ECP Subcommittee Members.

The roles are annual roles with positions finalised at the AGM in July each year.

2023-24 ECPSc

Ashlee Baines (Jacobs) Kristyn Numa (Aurecon) Bella Foster (Epic Environmental) Mikayla Cover (JBS&G) Bonnie Rose (AECOM) Rebecca Schofield (JBS&G) Christie McConachy (GHD) Samantha Watt (Aurecon) Courtney Hopkins (Aurecon) Samuel Weiss (Environmental Earth Sciences) Grace Perkins (Epic Environmental) Stephanie Napoleon (Prensa) Hailey Martin (SLR Consulting) Tess Watson (SMEC)

The Co-chairs and ECPSc Members sign a pledge showing their understanding and commitment to the roles and responsibilities of the position. New positions open in June 2023


  • Attend and participate in the ECP meetings
  • Carry out tasks to prepare and coordnate ACLCA Member Xmas Party
  • Assist in organising other early career professionals events and activities such as industry tours, meet the auditors event or similar event under the direction of the Co-chairs
  • Contribute industry information or articles to ACLCA’s quarterly e-newsletter
  • Complete other assignments as requested by the Co-chair/s

Membership and Ethics Sub Committee (M&ESc)

The Role of the Membership and Ethics Sub Committee is to support the Executive Committee in:

  • Establishment of Full, Affiliate and Associate Membership criteria,
  • Understanding and managing the ACLCA membership protocols including:
    1. application and approval of membership.
    2. handling of complaints/grievances regarding performance of Member companies; and appropriate actions by ACLCA in response to identified unacceptable practices or work quality from member businesses.
  • Providing assistance to the M&ESc  in processing membership applications,
  • Consulting with the M&ESc in situations where ethical issues arise.

Seeking Expression of Interest for new volunteers welcome to sit on M&ESc 2023-24. Email your EOI to

Representation on the Membership and Ethics Sub Committee is a voluntary role.

M&ESc representation must be from ACLCA Qld Member Company.

Submit a formal expression of interest for the M&ESc and CV/Resume, demonstrating industry experience.

Expression of interest for the M&ESc to be reviewed for approval by nominated representatives of the ACLCA Qld Executive Committee.

The Queensland M&E Sub Committee meet on an as-needs basis and communicate as required.

The primary aim of the Regional Subcommittee (RSc) is to plan local events, allowing for local networking, professional development, and the creation of an interactive CLM community within regional areas.

Inaugural 25th May 2023 Regional Networking Meetings all regions.

     RSc Chair:  Luke Jacovides - Prensa

  • Cairns: Jo Lavers - GHD, Emma Cornish – AECOM
  • Townsville: Hamish Whitney – GHD
  • Central Qld: Reece Zonta – Aurecon, Patrice Brown – CQG
  • Sunshine Coast: Katrina Rope – GHD, Andrew Winters - Environmental Advisors,
  • Gold Coast: Tara Macdougall – Aurecon, Angus Hughes – GHD,  Alex Kochnieff – SQP Consulting, Hailey Spry - Easterly Point.

New members welcome. Email your EOI to


The primary function of RLSc is to support the Executive Committee in liaison with DESI and other stakeholders as required, with broad representation from across Qld ACLCA membership.

RLSc activities:

  • Ongoing quarterly DESI-ACLCA meetings,
  • Tracking and follow up of member issues related to Contaminated land matters, ensuring they are heard and acted upon,
  • Forthcoming legislation change review and
  • Continued dialogue on functional planning triggers and investigation standards, which form the basis of the regulation of the contaminated land industry in Qld.

RLSc 2023-24

The RLSc is made up of 8 committee members. The committee positions are annual roles with positions finalised at the AGM in July each year.

David Harris Interim Chair (WSP), Cameron Kay (Core Consultants), Adam Lupton (GHD), Carina Jakobi (AECOM), Byron Brewster (SMEC), Graham Cordingley (Epic Environmental), Kat Spruth (Environmental Earth Sciences), Kevin Masterton (Australian Environmental Auditors).