ACLCA Victoria is the peak industry body representing contaminated land consulting businesses in Victoria. Our Association membership is formed exclusively of contaminated land consultants and this represents a unique and important part of our identity – something that we are committed to preserving. To support the development of the next generation of contaminated land consultants, as well as those that may not currently find themselves in employment but may be seeking to join (or re-join) the contaminated land consulting industry.  


General Membership

Membership to ACLCA in Victoria is open to businesses that can demonstrate that their:

  • primary business is consulting to external clients; and
  • business activities include a substantial practice in land contamination management, with specialist environmental staff employed to perform full-time in the area of land contamination management.

Membership selection criteria includes providing documentation that demonstrates conformance with the Code of Practise and Ethical Standards, professional competency, Quality Management Systems and management of contaminated lands projects (such as example final reports which demonstrate the applicant’s capability undertaking PSIs and DSIs (including assessment of soil, groundwater & vapour)).

For further information click here to preview our Membership Application Form or to complete an application, please choose the general member tab above.

Relevant reference documents:

ACLCA Victoria - Rules

ACLCA Victoria - Code of Practice (COP)


Current membership rates are provided below:

No. of Staff* Joining Fee 2023/24 Annual Dues
Sole Trader (0-1 staff) $300 $580
>1-5 staff $480 $1,100
>5 to 15 staff $960 $2,100
>15 to 25 staff $1,440 $3,200
>25 to 40 staff $1,920 $4,300
>40 to 80 staff $2,400 $5,500
>80 to 150 staff $3,000 $8,250
>150 staff $4,000 $12,375

*Full-time equivalent working in contaminated land practice


Associate Membership

The ACLCA (Victoria) Committee may approve a person to be an Associate of the Association. An individual may apply to be accepted as an Associate if that individual:

  • Is not employed by a Member of the Association;
  • Supports the purposes of the Association; and
  • Agrees to be bound by the Rules of the Association (including the Code of Practice)

ACLCA Victoria - Rules

ACLCA Victoria - Code of Practice (COP)


Associate membership is open to individuals who:

  • Have a background in contaminated land consulting but are not currently in employment in consulting on contaminated land matters (i.e., individuals that are seeking to re-skill with a view to entering the industry, or individuals that are in a transitionary period between roles but intend to stay within the industry);
  • Are tertiary students enrolled in a relevant tertiary degree or course with a view to a career as a contaminated land consultant;
  • Actively consult in contaminated land matters but are not eligible for Membership, for the purposes of training and professional development, and to transition to Membership as soon as practicable; and/ or
  • The Committee determines may benefit from an Associateship and this supports the purposes of the Association. 

The annual fee for associate membership is $250 ($100 for students or concession holders) (inclusive of GST).

To complete an Associate membership application, please choose the Associate member tab above.