ACLCA Early Career Professionals Sponsorship to Present at 2022 CleanUp Conference

Each State ACLCA was represented by our Early Career Professionals (ECP) to present at a special ACLCA ECP session at this year’s International CleanUp Conference in Adelaide, 11-15 September 2022.

Congratulations to the following five ACLCA state finalists who won a place to present at the ACLCA ECP session at International CleanUp Conference in Adelaide 2022.

All State ECPs were great ambassadors for our industry. There was a lot of great technical content being shared. Well done everyone.

Larissa Willoughby, AEA and ACLCA National Chair, ran a very successful panel discussion with the ECP presenters, which gave some terrific insights into our industry and the ACLCA.

ACLCA Queensland
Reece Zonta (Aurecon), GIS to Advance Site Characterisation

ACLCA Victoria
Naomi Leclere (Aurecon), Impacts of pharmaceutical drugs and clandestine laboratories on the environment, offering a conceptual site model on their mode of interacting with humans.

ACLCA South Australia
Angus Smart (Fyfe), Vapour Mitigation Case Study – Accelerated Response to Imminent Health Risk (availability to present at CleanUp TBC)

ACLCA Western Australia 
Ben Chaine (360 Environmental), Defining best-practice asbestos remediation in a changing regulatory framework – A case study in land development

ACLCA New South Wales 
Ola Rachid (GHD), Data control practices for out-of-your-control sites: technological approaches to manage large, complex data sets

ECP presentation photos