A Day in the Life of an ECP September 2023

ACLCA Early Career Professional Subcommittee have introduced a new monthly series of ‘A Day in the Life of an ECP’.

Sam Weiss – Environmental Earth Sciences Bsc (Geology (Hons)) Bsc Soil Science| Environmental Scientist

Hey, I am Sam and I am an early career professional working in the contaminated land space at Environmental Earth Sciences.

I recently completed a six-day trip to a remote mine site in the Mount Isa region, during which we sampled soils, sediments and groundwater, and installed new monitoring well, to help inform their closure planning.

My days consisted of collecting samples of old exposed tailings material, collecting sediment samples from along the drainage lines, developing and sampling the newly installed groundwater bores and construction of a pulley rig to obtain water from the old mine pit.