A Day in the Life of an ECP October 2023

Rebecca Schofield – JBS&G Project Consultant 

My name is Rebecca and I work for JBS&G as a Project Consultant within the contaminated land team. Throughout my time at JBS&G I have had the opportunity to travel to many different places in Queensland to complete field work investigations. As my career has progressed, I now spend more time Brisbane based which means I am able to join more of the ACLCA training events.

I recently attended the CPD Module 6 Risk Assessment Full Day workshop on the 28th September, which was held at Environmental Earth Sciences and presented by Mark Stuckey.

The day started at 9 am with some coffee and nibbles and getting to know each other. The full day workshop was split into four parts all followed by a workshop.

Part 1 focused on what a risk assessment is, and the process involved. The following workshop encouraged us to select analytes beyond the common COPCs in relation to understanding the risk present at the site.

Part 2 focused on the analysis of data and highlighted the importance of including additional data such as geochemical data and EIL calculation and general background chemistry. Workshop 2 comprised the review of a set of data in relation to the site and highlighted the process in understanding risk in relation to hydro-geochemical spatial relationships.

Part 3 of the workshop focused on toxicity and exposure assessments and the tiered approach to the assessment of risks. This part of the workshop really stood out for me, and I felt I gained a much deeper understanding of the derivation of the guidelines and how we can make them relevant to our site setting. Workshop 3 allowed us to use the HILs calculator to derive site specific criteria.

Part 4 of the workshop focused on risk characterisation and communication which involved the presentation of case studies and examples which wrapped the days learning up perfectly.

The day was filled with information I have been able to apply since and having been presented in parts it was much easier to absorb the information. The office dog 12-year-old Asher was also there on this day which was a bonus!