ACLCA Victoria CPD Training

One of the core values and objectives of ACLCA is to provide relevant, topical and up-to-date training and professional development to its members, so that individuals within member companies can and will maintain and improve the technical and professional standards and skills of member companies. ACLCA Victoria offers its members a variety of events eligible for CEnvP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.


ACLCA Victoria provides its members a wide range of training opportunities specific to the contaminated land industry in Victoria and Australia. We aim to target all levels of experience and expertise and are continually reviewing industry needs, seeking out course providers and organisers from a wide range of sources and collaborations both nationally (e.g. CRC CARE, ALGA) and internationally (e.g. Midwest Geosciences Group, AEHS Foundation). ACLCA’s focus is on relevant, timely, highest quality and suitable professional training for their members, which fits with the demanding requirements of the consulting environment and the aspirations of individuals within member organisations. Hence, ACLCA’s focus lies on provision of workshops, short courses and online training opportunities, which we think provides for a best match between training needs and delivery within the constraints of the business environment.


ACLCA has been running foundation training on Environmental Site Assessment geared towards graduates and new entries into the industry for a number of years and has continually updated and improved the content of these courses. From 2012 ACLCA has expanded this foundation training from previously six half-day modules to a total of nine modules, which are run as half to full-day modules throughout each calendar year. ACLCA is confident that the expanded training offering covers all major aspects of the contaminated land practice at a level of detail suitable for practitioners new to the field.

  • Module 1-3 : Introduction to Environmental Site Assessment (formerly: Phase 1 Site Assessments / Field work Investigations / Phase 2 Site Assessments (Interpretation and Reporting)
  • Module 4: Soil and Rock Core Logging
  • Module 5: Introduction to Environmental Chemistry
  • Module 6: Risk Assessment
  • Module 7: Contaminated Land Auditing and Clean Up of Groundwater
  • Module 8: Remediation
  • Module 9: Technical Report Writing and Legal Risks

Each and every module is presented by highly experienced practitioners in the field.

ACLCA Advanced Short Courses and Workshops

ACLCA provides a large range of training courses on a wide array of topics of imminent interest to contaminated land professionals in Australia, having developed a wide network of experts and presenters around the globe providing for high quality and high impact training experiences. ACLCA is continuing to develop new and re-develop existing training courses in close collaboration with our partners and presenters, always taking into account the experiences and feedback from past events.

Some of the training courses developed and provided by ACLCA Victoria include (some of which have been run on multiple occasions):

  • Monitored Natural Attenuation for Groundwater Remediation
  • Enhanced Bioremediation and Low Costs Remediation Methods
  • Hydrogeologic Analysis of Fractured Bedrock Systems
  • Aquifer Testing and Analysis
  • Landfill and Ground Gas Assessment, Management and Remediation
  • Landfill Engineering and Environmental Management
  • Soil Vapour Intrusion
  • Advanced LNAPL Site Management and Quantitative Analysis
  • Investigation, Remediation and Management of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
  • Advanced Site Characterisation
  • Soil Vapour Treatment Technologies
  • In-situ Thermal Remediation

Details of current and up-coming ACLCA training courses can be found in the ACLCA events page.

CPD Points

ACLCA events and courses can contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) goals. ACLCA urges you to refer to Contaminated Land Specialist schemes such as CPSS CSAM and EIANZ CEnvP, in particular the CEnvP log template, for further information. Certain activities have different limits of points that may be claimed. For example, our Monthly Member Presentations fall into category 3 and 1 point per hour of attendance may be claimed, whereas, most of our courses fall into category 2 where 2 CPD points per hour may be claimed. If you are claiming CPD points from attending ACLCA events, we encourage you to keep a record of your attendance on file as evidence for your CPD recognition.