NSW EPA Guidelines Updated

NSW EPA has advised that some minor amendments to two NSW EPA Contaminated Land Guidelines have been made and the two guidelines have been republished.  The notice relating to the publishing of the amended guidelines was issued in the NSW Government Gazette on 12 June 2020. The following Contaminated Land Guidelines have been re-published:

  • ‘Consultants reporting on contaminated land’
  • ‘Assessment and management of hazardous ground gases’

The changes include:

  • updating a reference in the reporting guidelines from PFAS NEMP to the new PFAS NEMP 2.0 (the broken hyperlinks are being corrected in the new version mentioned above)
  • improve useability by converting the reporting guidelines to PDF, and making the ground gas guidelines more accessible for the vision impaired
  • fix small typos / grammatical and formatting errors
  • adding cover photos for consistency and easy identification

The guidelines are now in effect and can be found on the NSW EPA website.