ACLCA NSW 2021 Young Achiever Award

Wednesday 28th July was the (virtual) presentation day for our Young Achiever Award and we were very pleased to see it was very well attended with over 70 members logging on to watch our young achievers.

We had a range of very interesting presentations, as follows:-

Jacqueline Connor, Prensa:        “Cow Gastric Juice, Bioaccessibility and You!  Utilising a Contaminant’s Bioaccessibility to Determine Site-Specific HILs”

Jessica Roy, AECOM:                    “Historical Data Mining: A Modern-day Pot of Gold”

Michelle Agnew, Senversa:         “Cross-border Environment Management – a Case For a National Approach”

Michael Ashelford, Arcadis:        “Complex Investigations – Lessons Learned from a Digital Perspective”.


—- Michael Ashelford, Arcadis —-  

Michael receives a $1000 cash prize and ACLCA NSW will be sponsoring his attendance at the 2021 ecoforum conference where he will give his presentation along with other ACLCA state chapter winners at a Young Professionals session.

Second Place

Jacqui Connor, Prensa


Jessica Roy, AECOM

Michelle Agnew, Senversa

Thank you to all of our presenters who gave such interesting presentations in unusual circumstances.  The high standard of the presentations shows we have some very talented young achievers within our membership.

We would also like to thank our judges for their time – Alex Pulkownik (UTS), Anthea White (EPA) and our NSW EPA accredited site auditors Brad May, Epic Environmental and James Davis, Enviroview.