Regional Training and Event Planning Proforma

Changes to Regional Subcommittee and Regional Training and Events have been implemented following ACLCA QLD Chapter AGM on the 4th July 2024. These changes will also provide future opportunities for the regions.

The changes are intended to address the challenges associated with the maintaining of an active subcommittee in regional areas and aim to improve the accessibility of ACLCA QLD for all regional members.

The Regional Subcommittee will be dissolved, with no re-appointment.

  1. Regional Training and Event Planning Proforma. The proforma is open and accessible to all ACLCA members. QLD-2024 Proforma RSc Training & Events
  2. Costs for Regional training, events or meetings can be requested via this form. The proforma is open for small groups too and may accommodate the smaller or widespread regions.
  3.  individuals or member companies may submit the proforma.

ACLCA QLD remains determined to support endorsed events within regional areas. It is hoped that the availability of the proforma will improve accessibility and promote increased active involvement from all regional members.

# It is up to each region if they would like to participate in livestreaming of regional meetings held on the same scheduled night as Brisbane Bi-Monthly meetings 08/08/24 & 03/10/24

Please complete the proforma details (as relevant) and send to Jennifer Ingham

We look forward to receiving proformas from all region!!.