ACLCA WA June Monthly Member Presentation – hosted by JBS&G – Online – Wednesday 12 June 2024

The June monthly ACLCA meeting will be hosted by JBS&G and will be a lunchtime online presentation provided by Shane Herbert from Curtin University on ‘Environmental DNA as a biomonitoring tool to discover and monitor ecosystem change’.

Brief Overview: Environmental DNA as a biomonitoring tool to discover and monitor ecosystem change
The natural phenomenon of specific traceable signatures of nearly every living organism as it lives and moves through ecosystems is a concept fuelling the growth of environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis and thrust it into the spotlight to answer many biodiversity questions.   What is it, how is it collected and what kinds of things can it tell practitioners ?  While being a powerful taxonomy collector and having a number of upsides, there are gaps and poor applications which will be discussed. Furthermore using eDNA in the context of measuring biodiversity health, taken from a case study conducted in New Zealand and being deployed in Western Australia’s swan coastal plain will be conveyed with a view for potential use on contaminated sites.

Bio: Shane Herbert is a molecular biologist and business manager having a broad spectrum of experiences in the genomics and proteomics service provision fields for over 30years. Shane’s history has included roles in biotech companies, pharmaceutical research and technology suppliers.  He now leads the eDNA Frontiers group at Curtin University, a commercially focused group linked to the Trace & Environment DNA (TrEnD) lab who have been consistent global leaders in environmental DNA and ancient DNA research.  eDNA Frontiers translates and builds on the innovative methods and technologies developed by the TrEnD lab, and uses them with various groups across industry, government and communities.

Date: Wednesday 12th June 2024

Time: 12.30 -1.30pm

Where: Online via Teams – Join via Teams meeting link sent to member companies via email. If you haven’t received the email please reach out to